The Business

Building upon the history and credentials of the Bride Hall family business, our track record and reputation for uncompromising “hands on” approach to business.

Bride Hall Real Estate Partners provide innovative solutions for property investors on commercial investment and development opportunities.

What we do:

  • Property Investment
  • Strategic  investment property management
  • Property Development
  • Asset management
  • Project management
  • Structuring investment vehicles and financial management

How we work:

  • Create and inspire a strategic planning approach
  • Formulate and implement agreed project business plan with respective partners
  • Undertake extensive due diligence in all aspects before purchase
  • Structure bespoke reporting formats for investor partners
  • Take responsibility for our teams approach to the environment
  • Respect and listen to our professional advisors and consultants
  • Engender a team spirit on all projects amongst all project stakeholders
  • We enjoy what we do, so the team may also enjoy what they do along the project and investment journey

Bride Hall is committed to maintaining its values, and wish to be recognised for its ongoing integrity, openness, passion for performance, quality of product and delivery for its partners, whether you are  an investor, land owner, public authority or professional consultant and advisor to us. We are very conscious of our responsibility and role to facilitate and drive results. We bring energy and inspiration to every project to the benefit of all stakeholders.